Who we are and what are we doing?

Introducing Carchain, the cutting-edge startup that’s transforming the automotive industry with its revolutionary blockchain-based solutions! Founded in September 2020 in Italy, we’re on a mission to create lifetime value for car owners by providing them with immutable and permanent vehicle records on the blockchain.

Our innovative solutions are set to revolutionize the way people buy, sell, and invest in cars. With our technology, current and future owners of over a billion cars can now build an unbreakable chain of trust regarding the history and use of their vehicles.

At Carchain, we’re committed to facilitating and protecting all parties involved in the automotive industry, from advertising to trading and investing. Our blockchain-based solutions are designed to make car ownership safer, more secure, and more rewarding than ever before.

Experience the future of the automotive industry with Carchain!

Why should you trust us?

Captivated by the remarkable legacy of Juan Manuel Fangio, Carchain’s founder developed an insatiable love for motorsports, fueling a lifelong dream to own a Ferrari that burns as brightly today as it did in their youth. During his service in the army, he managed the fuel and spare parts for the army’s fleet of vehicles. At the time, each vehicle had an impressive record-keeping system, with every detail meticulously documented in a book of records that was countersigned by not one, but four different people to ensure absolute authenticity. Lisandro Espindola’s passion for exploring innovative solutions led him to pursue advanced studies in Trieste, where he became a blockchain expert. After extensive research on mileage and originality scams, he had a breakthrough realisation - blockchain technology could eliminate these problems once and for all. From this inspiring insight, Carchain was born, paving the way for a better future in the automotive industry.

Lisandro Espíndola

Founder CEO

Team and Advisors

The Carchain team strongly believes that offering verified and validated information is the key to building a just, secure, and trustworthy marketplace. By doing so, individuals can pave the way for a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Lisandro Espíndola

Founder CEO

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Noelia Gamarra

Design & creative director

Patricio Mosse

Lead blockchain engineer

MD Abu Ahsan Basir

Full stack developer

Luciana Gamarra

Front end developer

Maurizio Demarco

Classic cars specialist

Rodrigo Armas

Marketing Advisor