Who we are and what are we doing?

Carchain creates lifetime value by keeping immutable and permanent vehicle records on the blockchain.

Our solutions will help current and future owners of more than a billion cars build a chain of trust about the history and use of their vehicles.

In addition, our set of blockchain-based solutions seeks to facilitate and protect the parties when advertising, trading, and investing in cars.


Why should you trust us?

Inspired by the legacy of Juan Manuel Fangio, Carchain’s founder grew up with an enormous passion for motorsport and a burning desire to own a Ferrari. While working in the army, he managed the fuel and spare parts for army vehicles. At the time, each vehicle had a book of records where everything was recorded - and countersigned by 4 different people to verify authenticity. Lisandro Espindola later studied in Trieste and specialized in blockchain. After conducting an extensive investigation into mileage and originality scams, he had a revelation. With the help of blockchain, all of these problems could be eliminated. And that is how Carchain started.

Lisandro Espíndola

Founder CEO

Team and Advisors

The Carchain team is convinced that providing corroborated and validated information significantly helps to create a fairer, safer and more reliable market. Where people can create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Lisandro Espíndola

Founder CEO

Pullumb Plangarica


Noelia Gamarra

Design & creative director

Patricio Mosse

Lead blockchain engineer

MD Abu Ahsan Basic

Full stack developer

Luciana Gamarra

Front end developer

Maurizio Demarco

Classic cars specialist

Ornela Agostino

Sales and Marketing